1. Screenwriter
Description or Bio:

I have been writing short stories and novellas for decades.  About 15 years ago, I got into screenwriting, while I was trying to help a friend create submissions for film school.  I bought some software, learned how to use it, and have written several short form AND feature-length scripts.  Many of the shorts have been produced, and I just sold my first feature.


I am looking for paid writing assignments, and will be happy to provide writing samples at your request.

Best Project:

Title: Dirty Blue, Category: Action, 2018, pre-production. Role: Screenwriter. This is my most recent sale, so it has not actually been produced yet. On the slate to start filming in August.

2d Best Project:

Title: Caribbean Danger, Category: Film Noir Mystery, in development, Role: Screenwriter. I listed this as in development, because I have finished writing and polishing the script, and have been sending it out to production companies, with a few nibbles, but nobody has taken the bait, yet.

Avg Cost Per hr: $100,00
1309 N Old Mill Drive, Florida, USA 32725
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Phone: 540-818-5807

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