Top 5 Rappers From Atlanta Georgia

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Best Rappers From Atlanta Georgia

It’s pretty amazing because Atlanta is right up there with New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami as being among the epicenters of hip-hop. Atlanta first gained prominence when Outkast began landing hits on the charts at a time when the East and West Coasts were in a struggle for hip-hop supremacy. That war took its toll on both coasts, which allowed the unique style of Atlanta to rise to the forefront by the end of the ’90s. Although Georgia’s largest city now has to share the hip-hop universe with South Florida, you still have to put some respect on its name because if it wasn’t for Atlanta rappers making it big, the southern hip-hop scene probably would not have flourished.

So as we continue our countdown of the top five greatest in every musical category imaginable, here are the top five rappers who hail from Atlanta.

5. Jermaine Dupri

Though he is more of a producer than he is a rapper, Jermaine Dupri helped put the Atlanta sound on the map. Through his work as a rapper, Jermaine Dupri landed such hits as “Sweetheart” and “Money Ain’t a Thang,” the latter of which would be his best-known hit.

4. Lil’ Jon

Back in the early 2000s, Atlanta pioneered a bombastic sound called “crunk music,” and the rapper leading the way in this sound revolution was Lil’ Jon. The Atlanta native is known as the “King of Crunk,” a title that serves him well as he pushed the sound out of the underground and into the mainstream.

3. Jeezy

Formerly known as “Young Jeezy” (he dropped the “Young” from his stage name in 2010), Jeezy has been a mainstay on the charts, and his slow and deliberate delivery, combined with his strong lyrical skills, has made the Atlanta native not only one of the best rappers to come out of Atlanta but one of the best in the game, period.

2. Ludacris

Though he is more into acting now, don’t mistake that Ludacris has forgotten about his first love, hip-hop. Starting out his career as an Atlanta DJ, Ludacris became the second ATL rapper to blow up big, and he has shared the throne with OutKast as being one of the kings of Atlanta rap.

1. Outkast

Although most believe that Atlanta hip-hop blew up when crunk music became all the rage, in reality, it was Outkast who became the city’s first true stars. Landing hits at a time when the East Coast and West Coast was at war with each other, Outkast put Atlanta on the map with their unique brand of hip-hop, and there is no question that the duo laid the foundation for other Atlanta artists to be successful on the charts.

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