Local Atlanta Author, Kenni York Releases Film (I Didn’t Kill Him)

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The red carpet will soon roll out in celebration of the anticipated independent film At Least I Didn’t Kill Him. The book-to-film project was written by local Atlanta author Kenni York and is a depiction of an unfortunate response to a woman being pushed too far. On the brink of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, this film comes in time to spark the need for awareness, strength in making hard yet positive decisions, and speaks to those who have been or are in similar situations.


Filmed and directed by Chad Archey of StreamATL, a local production company, At Least I Didn’t Kill Him promises to be the indie film of the year.  With moving performaces by up and coming talents such as Alexandria Denise and Eric Allen, the film also includes musical tracks from local artists.

Advanced viewers are calling the film “riveting,” “a dramatic interpretation of what really occurs in domestically harmful situations,” and “eye-openingly shocking.”

“We wanted to capture the true essence of a person whose spirit has been broken by someone they love deeply,” says Archey. “Alexandria Denise did a compelling job in giving us raw, relatable emotion drawing you in to the lead charater [Janelle] and making you feel the hurt she displays. Sometimes when we see things played out before us it forces us to take stock of what’s going on around us and with those that we love. It forces you to pay more attention. That’s what we want…to create awareness and encourage people to look past the masks [victims] often display.”

The film’s premiere is sponsored by Avondale Towne Cinema with the Red Carpet Reception beginning at 7:00 pm to give guests an opportunity to meet the cast and media interviews to take place. Show time is promptly at 8:00 pm.

Movie synopsis:

A man…his wife…their secrets. What happens when the truth finally comes out?

As adapted from the short story series written by Kenni York, At Least I Didn’t Kill Him is a real life glimpse at how often we wear masks to cover up the hurt we’re dealing with and tend to hold on to relationships that slowly tear us down over time. But, when a woman’s fed up, how far will she go to break free from the hell that is her life?

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