1. Phoenix Endeavors, Inc
Phoenix Endeavors, Inc
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Founded as The JB Burrage Agency, Inc in October 2017, Phoenix Endeavors, Inc is the corporate home for the creative writer and blogger JB Burrage. Located in the Atlanta, GA metro area, the company functions as a service and umbrella company for JB Burrage’s various brands in creative writing, content writing, independent publishing for his books and stage plays, and to form strategic partnerships in the theater, entertainment, and publishing industries in order to license and further develop his work.

The name change to Phoenix Endeavors was suggested by the management team of JB Burrage, who felt that the company’s name should be reflective of his life’s journey. According to him, everyone has a Phoenix story. He decided to use his work to tell his story, and he’s doing that through Phoenix Endeavors.

Phoenix Endeavors, Inc is a Georgia for-profit corporation. Though it’s based in the Atlanta area, its presence is mostly online and is working with clients throughout the United States and internationally. It was born out of the idea of recreating the brand around the JB Burrage image while providing quality services for the everyday people needing a great and creative writing service or entertainment professionals looking for something fresh. Even though the company didn’t make an official launch announcement outside of The Diary of a Mad Writer blog and a couple of other sites, the company started receiving queries and confirmed clients almost immediately.

The company seeks to bring a unique style to the writing and entertainment business, and help clients by providing the best product for their needs. Because of this and the overall requirement that JB Burrage needs for his business, the company is very selective about who it conducts business with. This includes subcontractors for projects with clients and contractors hired to work on the image of JB Burrage.

With the ever-changing writing, publishing, and entertainment industries, Phoenix Endeavors, Inc is set up to learn and adapt to keep up and stay ahead. With JB Burrage’s management acumen and creative skills, Phoenix Endeavors, Inc is set to lead the way in an industry that is filled with people and companies competing with others to climb the same ladder.

Contact Information
President: Jacob L. Burrage (JB Burrage), CEO
Georgia, USA 30331

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